Wonder Where To Retire In British Columbia?

Deciding where to retire in British Columbia could be a daunting task. I mean, where else can you find so much?

Panoramic view of wild horses by Invermere Valley, B.C., Canada  with Rocky Mountains in the background.

  • Mountain ranges -- 10 of them!
  • The ocean -- If you straightened out our wrinkled coastline, it would stretch across North America!
  • Prairie -- Just to even out the mountain thing.
  • BC wheatfield
  • Deserts -- Tiny pockets hidden in the interior.
  • High plateaus -- Breathe deeply and touch the sky on these sparsely populated tablelands.
  • Islands -- Big and small. There's an island to suit every taste.
  • Forests -- Some trees are over 1,000 years old.
  • Rivers and lakes -- I once sat in a restaurant at Lee's Corner on that glorious high plateau eating ice cream and trying to find a lake for every letter of the alphabet on a map of the region. If memory serves, I missed only two letters and of course there were many duplicates.
  • Climates that allow for palm trees on one hand and year round snow on the other.
Do I love this place? You bet!

But I'm not alone. . .

Others Have Decided
Where To Retire In British Columbia

But don't just take my word for it. Thousands of people just like you are trying to decide where to retire in British Columbia. Our capital city, Victoria, isn't just the seat of government. It's the retirement capital of BC -- actually of Canada.

BC forestMany people come to the south coast for the climate. Mild winters and the gentle kiss of misty rain lure folk from harsher climates. In January we laugh as the rain comes down and say, "Well, you don't have to shovel it."

Those who need a drier climate settle in the interior. Remember those little pocket deserts I mentioned above? They offer the advantages of places farther south without the high costs.

If the tang of sage or alfalfa filling the air appeals to you, you could join those in the Cariboo or Chilcotin regions, secret areas we don't always tell others about, places full of little hideaway lakes and rives full of fish, places where you can still buy waterfront property and groceries at the same time.

Whether you want sand between your toes, or the crunch of dry snow under your feet, you will have a job on your hands deciding where to retire in British Coumbia.

I was pleased to find that in Retire in Style: 60 Outstanding Places Across the USA and Canada, BC gets high marks. In fact, the highest rating, 52/60 went to. . .



Kalamalka Lake, B.C.I love Retire in Style for it's objective evaluations and clear writing. But it can't really tell you where to retire in British Columbia if you want to get out of the city. And let's face it, lots of us do.

Many people would like to keep two spots -- one in a town or city, and another get-away somewhere more private and relaxing.

Relaxation is something we're good at in BC. Some from the East sneer and call BC Lotus Land. We don't mind. We think we have a good balance between getting things done and taking time to smell the roses. . . or the pine trees. . . or the salt water flats. . . or the fresh ionized air around a waterfall. . . Well, you get the point.

Shannon Falls, BCWhat you really need when you are deciding where to retire in British Columbia, whether you're looking for a primary home or a recreational property, is someone who knows the province and its real estate.

I am not a real estate agent, but I do know real estate agents. If you want me to recommend someone, contact me and tell me a bit about your needs. I'll do what I can to put you in touch with someone who can advise you, maybe even someone who will find you your own dream property in British Columbia.