What To Eat And Drink
In Jamaica

by Tyler Davenport

eat conch in JamaicaHere's my idea of best vacation and why
(and it involves what to eat and drink in Jamaica:

I/we have been to the Caribbean and specifically Jamaica a few times and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Everyone there was at their best in trying to see that we had a wonderful time.

I had an opportunity to talk for some time with a local young man who was happy and eager to work for tips only!

The local food is wonderful, you have GOT to try Guava Duff! and Conch is very good too!

Tyler DavenportOne local place we ate had a printed menu, but everything we asked about they were out of. We finally said, "Just fix us something you would feed your friends," and dinner was amazing! Simple food well prepared and wonderful hosts.

©2011 Tyler Davenport Used by permission

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