Weekly Rental
An Ideal Vacation

WeeklyFind a weekly rental for a house in the country or an apartment in the city. Immerse yourself in the culture of your destination, and live like a local.

Shop at the local market on market day, or (in Paris) stroll down to the boulangerie or patisserie for your daily bagette and morning pastry.

I am 53 and couldn't wait until I retired to start traveling. I spend most of my time traveling solo. I have rented 5 houses and several apartments on my own and helped on a couple of group rentals of houses and apartments, too.

I select owners that speak English, and make sure the place has a washer. I often get satellite TV since I am back "home" around 5 pm or 17:00. I enjoy movies or a DVD while I write in my journal, have dinner and relax after a long day of walking or driving.

I usually eat my lunch out, whether I grab ingredients and prepare a picnic or stop at a restaurant and eat a dinner at lunch prices. You can save 10 Euro doing this.

Also, it is very important to check accessibility. Many places will not accommodate a wheel chair, or do not have an elevator. I have stayed in a house in the south of France that was fully accessible. I have also seen accessibility information listed on most sites.

There are many different sites that offer weekly rentals around the world, and I have used different ones all with great success.

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Note from Audrey: I have not fully investigated sites that broker weekly rentals. Do a Google search to find this sort of service. If you have had experience with specific providers, good or bad, please share.

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