Your Volunteering Opportunity

Retired Travellers Planning

Are you looking for a volunteering opportunity? Welcome to the group!

The silver-haired brigade is ready to march.

A little relaxation and recreation can go a long way after a lifetime of work. Too much sitting around isn't good for anyone. In fact, it can be downright depressing.

Many retirees find deep joy in volunteering.

  • Some volunteer for a favorite cause.
  • Some volunteer overseas.
  • Some volunteer locally.
  • Some give all their time.
  • Some give short, well-defined periods.
Are you ready to volunteer?

Even people with no extra funds can lend a hand.

Look around you. Who needs help? What needs to be done? What can you do?

All you need is a willing heart and someone to point the way.

Are you already volunteering? Do you know of a great volunteer opportunity open to retired folk? If so, please share it here.

Stories Of Real-Life Volunteers

Other Volunteering Opportunities

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