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Looking for retirement travel advice?

This is set up for people retiring or retired to share travel advice with each other.

One of the first things many retired folk do is travel.

That's what my dad did. His idea of retirement travel was to buy a pick-up truck, put a camper on the back, and take my mom across Canada. It was a dream trip for both of them. She got to see her father's native Nova Scotia, and he got to give something special to my mom.

Last year, I took a pre-retirement trip with my mom, this time to Alaska on a cruise ship. She and Dad never got to take that trip. Neither did she and my grandmother. I woke up one day and realized that if I didn't book a cruise, there would be one more missed opportunity being discussed at family gatherings.

When I do retire, I want to take at least one significant trip each year.

I'd like you to share your favorite travel destination and why you like it so much.

Others besides you and me will use this information. So, feel free to include any kind of retirement travel advice that you think will help any retired person.

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