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By Doug Shepherd

What Is Your Travel Adventure Dream?

Have you been waiting to take that special outdoor travel adventure, fulfilling a dream? There are unlimited leisure activities out there and perhaps a particular fishing or hunting trip is your dream.

But, you don’t know where to go, or more importantly, which trip package will best meet your needs.

You may have checked Internet sites, but what does that really tell you? Or perhaps you have been fishing or hunting for years but you've always gone to that same location? Time for a change? Perhaps now that you have retired you and your partner want to learn a new hobby like fly fishing, together.

Whether you are new to fishing and hunting or an experienced outdoors person, retiree or pre-retiree, the services of Outdoor Connections can play an integral role. As a travel adventure broker, I match your interests, or passion, to one of our approved and inspected facilities.

Outdoor Connection has close to three hundred facilities world wide that include everything from fly fishing in BC to African Safaris. And the work I do as a franchisee and agent of Outdoor Connections, for you, costs you nothing.

Whether you want a trip for you, your family, a group of your friends, or a corporate retreat, I match your requirements, needs, and desires to the most appropriate outfitter, guide service, or resort, destination. I work with you, coordinating the dates, the services you require, and any special considerations you need to have taken care of.

Even payment between you and the service provider is settled through Outdoor Connections. Most importantly, because one of our agents has been to the facility you are interested in, I can tell you exactly what your experience will be like and get an up-date on current circumstances if necessary.

Travel Adventure For Groups

If you belong to a group looking for a unique travel adventure award, I have a “turn key” fund raising program that I can arrange, set up, and provide for your organization. Groups and organizations such as Duck’s Unlimited use the Trip of a Lifetime program as part of their fund raising activities. I provide the tickets, the promotion materials, set up the awards, and coordinate the travel arrangements for the winner(s).

Contact A Travel Adventure Agent

Doug Shepherd and his dog OCThe bottom line is, my job is to help you make your outdoor travel adventure, whether that’s goose hunting in Saskatchewan or bass fishing in Mexico, a lasting successful memory. Outdoor Connections has been doing this since 1988 in the United States and since 2006 in Canada.

What kind of outdoor travel adventure have you been thinking about? Isn’t it time you made the move?

Contact me, and I’ll mail you our catalogue, or I’ll e-mail you our regular publication Tracks. You can phone me at 1-866-593-2393 or 403-464-8850 or fill in the form below. I promise to get back to you as soon as possible.
Have a great life and enjoy the outdoors!

©2006 Doug Shepherd, Used by permission