Timeshare Ownership
An Option For Retirees

by Marlene Challis

Broulee, NSW, AUI thought I would add my say about timeshare ownership. We have owned a timeshare for 24 years. We love it and have never had any problems, and it makes me feel sad when I hear of people's negative encounters with the "hard sell" and all of the negative connotations associated with it.

We love travelling, that is why we bought it. You should never buy timeshare unless you intend to use it. Also you should always buy a floating week because then you are not stuck with a certain week every year.

In 24 years our maintenance fees have only gone up $310 AUD.

We have saved thousands of dollars over the years on our holiday accommodation.

We own a floating week at Bright Resort in Victoria, Australia and a floating week at Bali Shangrila Beach Club, Bali. We are members of RCI and we can take as many bonus weeks a year as we want.

We have used our timeshare to travel to some wonderful destinations. Here are just a few...
  • Fiji, twice,
  • Puerto Vallarta,
  • Mexico,
  • Orlando,
  • Florida,
  • Paradise Island,
  • Bahamas,
  • Cherating,
  • Malaysia,
  • Bali, several times,
  • plus lots of places in Australia.
When my husband retires, we will be doing more travelling overseas as well as in Australia.

Eifel Tower, ParisIf you are looking for timeshare, beware of the "sharks" but don't let that put you off finding a great company like we did. Just do your research and don't get talked into anything.

Travelling is the most wonderful feeling of freedom and fun and being able to do more in retirement should be everyone's goal, if they are able to.

©2011 Marlene Challis Used by permission

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