Timeshare in Mexico


timeshare in MexicoHere is how our right to use timeshare in Mexico works.

We buy blocks of weeks, which we can use when we want. For example, the first time we bought a timeshare, in 1999, we paid for 26 weeks. We could take those whenever we liked. We could have taken our time all at once, or gone years without using any time -- of course we had to plan ahead because we could book only when there were vacancies. When we had only one week left, we bought 20 more weeks.

Our timeshare in Mexico is in a lovely small hotel on the beach. When we plan our holiday, we choose the time we want, and we also ask for specific suites in order of preference. We know the place well and have our favorite views.

We didn't go through the usual process of attending a large meeting to find our timeshare in Mexico. We were on holiday when we saw a charming hotel and decided to book a room. We learned that although we could book a room just like we could in any hotel, we could also buy a timeshare. We decided to spend a week there and make a decision about the future at the end of the time.

There was no question. Here is what we liked. . .
  • The hotel is small. We felt connected with other guests right away. (Of course, now we feel even more connected as we often meet the same people there year after year.)
  • The place was clean and quiet.
  • The suites were spacious. We have a separate bedroom and sitting room as well as a kitchen.
  • The owner and his family live there. We met them and liked them. We also decided that he would not take our money and run with it since family was established in that spot.
  • The small city has a vibrant culture.
  • We got a good contract. (See below)
  • We are allowed two extra guests.
  • The use schedule was flexible.

Both times that we signed the contract for our timeshare in Mexico, we paid one half of the total fee up front. We pay the rest as we use the weeks. We have to pay increased maintenance fees each year. The really good thing about our contract is that there is a cap on the maintenance fee increases.

We have a friend who had a timeshare where the maintenance fee doubled in 3 years. People really should be careful about that part of the contract.

Where are we? Well, we're not telling exactly. We love our timeshare in Mexico, but that's as specific as we'll get. We love our privacy.

We hope this information helps your readers.

M. & E. from BC and Mexico

©2006 M. & E. Used by permission