My Time Share Resale Experience

by Cary Johnson
Cary used to sell time shares for a living. Now that he's retired, he's become involved in time share resale deals. He and Elaine are loving their new freedom!

Ahhh! Retirement and time shares make a great mix for my wife and me living here in Minnesota.

Cary Johnson has coffee on the bridge.It's 2007, spring is here, well-- almost. My wife has one more year until she retires from her teaching post. So, I have learned to cook and have meals ready for her while dreaming of where we will take our next time share vacation.

I spent 14 years selling time shares here in Minnesota and then I retired in 2003.

I did take a break from selling time shares, but for the last 7 years prior to retirement in 2003 I worked at The Village at Izaty's Resort in North Central Minnesota. I really enjoyed the time spent at this new resort. It has excellent accomodations, is in a beautiful location, and it's on the second largest lake in Minnesota.

The resort was new to the time share concept, and new units were being built as fast as we could sell them. My wife and I did not own any time share vacation units when I was first employed at that resort. So, I had to fake it, which is quite frankly what most of the salespeople did. But as time went on, and I was getting older, my wife and I realized that it would be nice to have a time share we could use once we were retired and would be ready to do some of our own vacationing.

From selling time shares to buying a time share resale

time share resale property with a pool.Our prayers were answered. One of my customers who had owned many weeks of time share wanted to sell one of his weeks at the resort where I was currently working. He was willing to take a substantial loss and made us an offer we could not refuse. It was way below the price for which I could get that same time share unit from my employer. The week was paid for, so it was just a matter of settling up with my customer and recording the deed locally.

This was the best thing we ever did while I was still employed.

We booked our first week with an exchange to the Tree Tops Village on Lake Ozarks, Missouri. WOW! It was a 5 star resort with all the amenities you could want, and the unit could sleep six people. None of our children could join us on our first time share adventure, but how relaxing it was to get up in the morning by beautiful Lake of the Ozarks and sit in our pj's where we could eat breakfast overlooking the lake.

Elaine Johnson with paddlewheeler at Lake of the Ozarks time share resale.We liked the resort so well that when we got back home we started to look on the Internet for "time share resales."

Was it fate? We found a prime summer week for sale at the very resort we had just gotten back from. We had never even considered asking at the resort office, while we there on vacation, if there were any time share units for sale.

So, here we were finding a week 21, the beginning of summer, at one of the same types of 2-bedroom units in which we had stayed. We called the resort to make sure that the owner had it listed for sale, and sure enough the office verified it. We were put in touch with the owner who was now living in Canada. He was a retired military officer and mentioned that he had owned the time share for 20 years and no longer needed it for personal use.

We spell out the step-by-step details of how we purchased the unitwithout using an attorney, on our web site Thepurchase took only 30 days.

We now had a 2nd week of time share. Our first time share unit is at The Village at Izaty's resort where I had worked, and the 2nd was a re-sale week purchased from a private individual who had it listed on the Internet. We purchased this week for cash. By comparison, the same summer week at the Tree Tops, which we had purchased for $3,000, would have sold at The Village at Izaty's in Minnesota for $16,000 to $18,000. The units are both two bedroom, sleep 6, and are associated with the same exchange network, Interval International. Both are 5 Star rated.

Not all time share resales are created equal

interior time share resale.The biggest advantage to our Lake Ozark week is the high demand by time share people who want to trade into that resort. Every year since we have owned that unit, Interval International has offered us a 2nd time share "Bonus" week should we want to give it up for someone else to use. We have done that , and it has offered us more ways to enjoy our summer vacations with family and friends.

Another advantage to owning a time share week in the exchange system with Interval International is the ability to go on spur-of-the-moment trips. We are entitled to take advantage of "Getaway Vacations" which are immediately available since we are members of the system. We simply go on the Internet and see what is available for "Getaways", which are units sitting empty. The resorts would like to have someone use those units to off-set the maintenance fees. Depending on the size of the unit we wish to use and whether we have guests with us, the rates will run from $199 to $599 per week.

We have now been to the Ozarks in Branson, Depot Bay in Oregon, Las Vegas, Williamsburg in Virginia, Causeway on Gull in Minnesota, and toward the end of summer and before school starts, we already are scheduled to be in Sedona in Arizona.

After buying and using our time share units, we're hooked on this way to vacation . My wife and I have often talked about how we would never have visited some of the areas of the country had we had not owned time share.

Time shares have been on the market for over 20 years. It's like a used car market. There are lots of time share resale bargains that a person can find on the Internet. Take it from a retired time share salesman. . .

Own it, use it, give it to your children when you are through, or give it to charity. Keep in touch with us at our website

©2007 Cary Johnson

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