The Social Security Answer Book
Book Review

Tomkeil, Stanley A. (2008) The Social Security Answer Book. Sphinx Publishing: Naperville, IL. ISBN-13: 978-1-57248-587-7 (216 pages) softcover.

The Social Security Answer Book coverThe idea of having an answer book about Social Security issues written by an attorney and former claims representative of the Social Security Administration certainly appeals. The Social Security Answer Book is such a book.

Tomkeil has taken questions on Social Security issues for over twenty-five years. He sorted through the thousands of questions he has answered to create this question and answer book. As he explains, he has used the actual questions instead of creating questions based on those asked.

The result is a book you will dip into rather than read front to back. Because each question is answered in full, much information is repeated. This would irritate a reader who uses the back to front reading method, but perfectly suits the reader who reads the question that best meets her needs because the whole answer is in one place.

The answers often include tips that help the reader to avoid a problem. For example, Tomkeil explains when and how to speed up a recalculation of benefits.

Answers about who should apply, when to apply, and what to expect after the application is made are clear and easy to understand. No lawyer speak here. A glossary helps with any troublesome terms.

Note that the answers here include all aspects of Social Security, not only those related to retirement.

Although priced in US and Canadian dollars and Pounds Sterling, the information applies only to Americans who qualify for Social Security.

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