Retiring In Arizona

by Jose and Maria

Jose and Maria with the lemon tree in ArizonaWe are Filipinos retiring in Arizona… in beautiful Phoenix.

For us, the lovely State of Arizona is like no other American state. It offers a varied panorama and retirement and vacation diversities.

Both in our midlife prime, we are not in our retirement years yet, but we’ll get there. Like others, our retirement plans are shifting to higher expectations.

The traditional sort that our grandparents took pleasure in has been long gone. Nowadays, healthier and well-educated retirees look for a diverse and exciting blend of cultures coupled with active lifestyles. From a choice between a tranquil seclusion and cosmopolitan living, retiring in Arizona has got them all.

You may be like that one lucky guy from Washington who chose to retire to Arizona’s warmer, sunnier climate and eliminated all his aches and pains from his arthritis!

wine and gold in ArizonaRetiring in Arizona meets all the criteria for the Best Place To Retire
  • affordable housing,
  • plentiful leisure and cultural activities,
  • sunny weather, and
  • the best health care access.

Yes, we attest that the sun can be excruciatingly hot in certain areas like Phoenix and the south, but we can go to quick escapes where four colorful seasons of magnificent scenery and outdoor activities are nearby.

But irresistible Phoenix, the USA’s sixth largest city, despite the heat, is also a popular retirement haven to those who enjoy its perfect climate from September to May, plus all the amenities that metropolitan living has to offer.

Those retiring in Arizona make up one of the largest concentrations of seniors in the country. They flock to well-liked retirement communities like Prescott, Sun City, Scottsdale, Tempe, and a number of smaller retirement-oriented communities adjacent to the capital.

According to, the 2006 Best Place To Retire in America is in Arizona – The City of Prescott. Prescott , once Arizona’s territorial capital, is perfect for retirees – great temperatures from 23 - 84 degrees F, first-rate health care, and loads of cultural versatilities and green spaces. Home prices are on the upper market scale, but low property taxes and some state breaks give seniors an added advantage.

Grand Canyon SunsetTheSouthwest is for the retiree who desires a unique blend of adventurous social life in Tucson with a rich heritage of Hispanic, Native American and Anglo-American cultures, amidst the panoramic Sonoran Desert.

Further south is 4,000-foot high historic Tubac, with its cooler climate and master planned retirement communities. Central and Northern Arizona are mostly 20 degrees cooler than Phoenix.

Sedona is famous for its unparalleled red rock splendor and canyon walls. Flagstaff, "Arizona’s Northern Jewel", provides four exciting seasons for retirees and abundance of outdoor snow recreation during winter.

Arizona is now a far cry from being just a desert land. Retiring in Arizona, your warm, green oasis, can have you soaring from a dull to dynamic lifestyle.

Our names are Jose and Maria, proud to be Arizonans in the spectacular Grand Canyon State. We are having a blast!

Without a doubt, Arizona is indeed… the best place to retire.

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