Retirement Jobs

Retired Teacher  PointingOne of the retirement jobs open to me as a teacher is substitute teaching. In theory, I could collect my partial pension and go back to work as a substitute teacher.

In my case, that's not likely to happen. I'm retiring to be with my mom who needs me to be home with her. But many of my colleagues are choosing to stay in the career they know even after retiring. They simply stay with fewer responsibilities.

Other retirees in other fields can do the same thing.

What if staying in the same job doesn't appeal to you? What retirement jobs might be open to you?

Turns out, almost any job you want to do.

The pages in this section of The Retirement Investigator are about jobs. A job is something you do for pay for someone else. Other sections deal with having your own business and with volunteering.

Why would someone work during retirement?

What's your dream job?

Share the one you have or the one you want. Your ideas will help others with their decisions. Use the form here.

Ron makes his hobbies pay for themselves.
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A seasonal tour job in Alaska could lead to retirement under the midnight sun.

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