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by Dave Wright Dave Wright's retirement jobs Journal

During my working years, I only considered the financial needs of retirement, and I paid dearly for neglecting the other important consideration in retirement planning. . .

. . .the creative side.

We talk about the importance of physical exercising, but what about exercising the mind?

I soon realized if you do not have a creative challenge during your retirement years, the idleness and its accompanying despondency blots out any chance for happiness and contentment and can even encourage an early death.

If we do not mentally challenge ourselves as we grow older, we will become old.

”We must stand up to old age
and make up for its drawback by taking pains.
Not is the body only that must be supported,
but still more the intellect and the sound,
for they are like lamps.
Unless you feed them with oil,
they go out.”

- Cicero

Even fifty plus years ago, researchers recognized the importance of mental energizing as we grow older. In the forties, Dr. Howard Haggard of Yale was urging older folks to study languages, law and other difficult subjects to stimulate and surprise themselves with their mental capacity.

Today, we have a wonderful opportunity to keep mentally active via the Internet. The formula I found was simply

you + your computer + the Internet = a creative retirement job

It’s the doing that energizes you in mind and spirit, the learning, the research, the challenge of trying something new and succeeding. It keeps you young. You will never grow old.

At the age of 76, I was computer incompetent and had zero knowledge of how the Internet worked.

By taking the time to study many of the manuals and viewing the instruction videos I now have listed in my Retirement Jobs Library, I learned something new. I’m now working on my second website. I now have a reason to pop out of bed in the morning. The extra income that my website produces is icing on the creative cake.

Take the creative challenge. For those of you still years or decades away from retirement, start building your creative, Internet retirement job now. Let it carry you into and through retirement.

For those of you already retired, it’s never too late, no matter what your age.

There is an Oriental proverb that says, “The idle are a peculiar kind of dead that cannot be buried.” I would change that to read, “The mentally idle are a peculiar kind of dead that will soon be buried.”

©2006 Dave Wright Used by permission

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