Beware The Retirement Income Opportunity

With the economic crisis looming, it seems everyone is looking for a retirement income opportunity. Are you?

a retirement business opportunity is like kissing a frogLet's face it, most of us would like a little more cash, a cushion against the unexpected. And if you don't know that retirement will bring the unexpected, it's time to wake up and smell the coffee.

Enter the scam artists.

The world, especially the online world, is full of people offering you the moon. All you have to do is hand over your hard earned cash or spend hours of your retirement, and you will be sitting pretty.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Here are some retirement income opportunities to avoid.

  • Any offer from an email message unless you personally know the sender. If you do know the sender, contact him or her to check whether the email really came from the person it says it came from. Do NOT simply hit the reply button to do this.

  • Envelope stuffing schemes. This one has legs! I considered stuffing envelopes when I was a young university student. But it is not the way to extra cash.

  • Pyramid schemes. In most jurisdictions, pyramid schemes are illegal, but like envelope stuffing, they don't seem to go away. In a pyramid scheme, the real push is to sign up others, not to sell a product. There's a reason these things are illegal. They are immoral and won't work in the long run. Only the person who signs you up or the person three or four levels above that person will ever make any real income.

  • Top secret retirement investment opportunities. Ask yourself what the person sharing the secret stands to gain. This retirement income opportunity offer preys on your natural belief that you are slightly smarter than everyone else, just smart enough to buy into the scheme that other -- duller -- people will leave alone.

Protect yourself from scams.

The list above is only a partial list. Scammers are born every minute and the low cost of doing business on the Internet gives them easy access to billions of potential patsies.

You probably do need some extra retirement cash. I know I do. That's why I started my editing business, why I started this and another Web site and why I have one other Web site planned.

I love that I can make a legitimate income online by providing legitimate information that real people like you want.

Of course a Web-based business might not be what you want or need.

Whatever you decide to do, investigate it thoroughly first. Don't take any one person's word for granted.

Check everything. Find at least three sources, including the Better Business Bureau if possible, before signing up for something.

Of course too much caution and fear can keep you from something that really is legitimate. Finding a good way to supplement your retirement income is a lot like looking for Prince Charming.

Some of us kiss a lot of frogs before we find a prince. Kissing a frog may not be fun, but it's not a disaster. Kissing a frog while someone slips his hand into your pocket and removes the retirement savings you do have is.

So, after you've examined the frog from all angles, go ahead and give him a little smooch. Just keep your eyes open. You never know, a legitimate retirement income opportunity may be sitting right before your eyes.

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