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retired couple reading retirement articlesRetirement articles about important issues that don't fit neatly into one of the main sections of this Web site deserve a place of their own. This is that place.

In discussions about retirement, I often find myself the sole defender of a non-financial concept of retirement. Don't get me wrong. Like you, I'm concerned about rising costs and fixed incomes. I want affordable housing and health care. I don't want a long retirement to carry on beyond my ability to fund it.

But for me, retirement is much more than a financial concern.

This site is set up with several non-monetary sections already. But as I continue to research retirement, I find myself investigating other worthy topics. Rather than create an indefinitely long Table of Contents, I am opting to put articles about topics that don't fit into one of the sections that already exist into a this section of articles. If some topic takes on a life of its own, I'll develop it further. For now, here are articles that don't belong anywhere else, but that deserve their own place in the sun.

Articles on Family Life

Long Distance Grandparenting
Raising Grandkids

Articles on Retirement Sevices

How to Choose A Retirement Coach

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