Retire To A College Town

retire in a college town like HalifaxA new trend away from traditional retirement communities sees many boomers planning to retire to a college town.

If you think about who boomers are, the trend makes sense. Boomers are expected to live longer and to be more healthy than previous generations in retirement. Add in the trend to early retirement and you have a group of active people with a wide range of interests.

College towns offer fulfillment of many dreams for retirees.

College Towns Offer Diversity

Colleges and universities draw students from around the globe. If you have a curious mind, if you want to see the world without leaving home, visit a college campus. What happens on the campus tends to spill out into the larger community.

International students bring a different outlook. They offer the open-minded a fresh look at the world.

Retirees who enjoy interaction with younger people can offer students a warm welcome and make life-long friends.

College Towns Offer Culture

If you retire to a college town, you will benefit from the artistic community of the college. Students perform and welcome the larger community to come and watch.

Colleges and universities also bring in top artists as artists in residence or for special performances. A college town may have a more vibrant artistic life than other towns of similar size.

If the arts matter to you, consider a college town for your retirement years.

College Towns Offer Sports

Whether you watch or participate, college towns offer you as a sports enthusiast extra benefits.

Boost the college team.

Colleges have wonderful sports facilitates. State-of-the-art equipment and full-sized fields and courts are often open to the public. If you retire to a college town, you will have no excuse to vegetate on the couch.

College Towns Offer Education

a retiree graduates

Many colleges offer tuition-free courses for seniors. Most do not require High School graduation to register.

Bring your life experience and learn in an exciting environment. You can take courses purely for interest, or for a bone fide credential.

In spite of the increase in online learning opportunities, many find the physical setting of a college or university a significant part of their education. If you retire to a college town, graduation could be right around the corner.

You don't have to attend the college to take advantage of the academic offerings of a college town. Professors, instructors, and even some students offer continuing education courses in areas of their expertise.

The Newspaper in a college town reflects the academic outlook of its population. The education one gains in local debate and the exchange of opinions and ideas is as important as what is learned in any formal classes. The college town offers its citizens an intellectual outlook.

College Towns Offer Employment

Not all retirees are, or want to be, entirely retired. If you want to supplement your retirement income, a college town may offer just what you need.

  • Do you have special knowledge a college could use?
  • Are you hospitable? Do you have a spare room?
  • Could you offer a service students need?
Working in a college town suits many retirees. Students are seasonal, so their needs are seasonal. If you want part-time work, the college town offers the perfect setting.
Which is your favorite college town? If you plan to retire to a college town, tell us.