Retire On Gozo, Malta
The Magical Island Of Your Dreams

by Joseph Attard

retire on gozo, maltaMany people who visit Gozo for the first time often tend to come again. They fall in love with the Island because its magic charms most visitors, in the same way that Calypso charmed Odysseus when he was shipwrecked on the red sandy beach of Ramla Bay. Part of the magic lies in the size and the lie of the land itself. Gozo is very small, only 9 by 5 miles and comprisedof 14 tiny towns and hill-top villages still separated from each other, of which Victoria is the capital. The coast is dotted with inlets, creeks and magnificent bays and beaches, most of which are still in their primeval state.

The Island is steeped in History and Folklore and it can be truly said that some old folks in the remote villages still cherish the age-old customs and lead a very simple and almost primitive way of life. I live in Gozo myself and highly recommend the island as an ideal retirement destination if only for the peaceful and quiet surroundings and the invigorating clean-air environment.

Moreover the inhabitants are ultra-friendly and hospitable and go out of their way to help. If you ever come to Gozo you will notice that people nod their heads and salute you with a smile as if they have known you for years. In Gozo everyone goes about his business with a will but at a somewhatleisurely pace as if nobody is in such a great hurry. Another advantage of living on a small island, I think.

©Joseph Attard Use by permission

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