Retire on a boutique cruise ship in Miami

by Sue

If you are like me, love the ocean, love to travel but are not that wealthy to be able to buy a multi-million dollars condo on a luxury cruise ship that circumnavigates the world on thousands of dollars a month, what options are there for you? Not much, you think.

Being the dreamer and can't-stand-still-type, I keep looking around and to my delight I find something that will satisfy my desires/standards without breaking my piggy bank.

I am talking about retiring in an independent living community on board a modern beautiful mid-size ship docked in Miami, where there is sunshine and warmth year round and occasional hurricanes -- but not to worry!

You can always move your floating home out of harm's way before the hurricanes arrive.

For a modest price, you own your own condo on the ship. It is not too big a community so you get to know your neighbors. There are plenty of open spaces, lounges, a library, a game room, gift shops, a gym, everything a cruise ship offers.

You can socialize all you want or you can find a quiet nook to savor some solitary moments.

Household chores become memories. Meet and chat with your fellow retirees daily over breakfasts, lunches and dinners that are included in your monthly maintenance fee. Plan your week-end cruise itineraries. Talk about your day. Meet to discuss homeowners association matters. Organize activities of interests to you such as dance lessons, arts and crafts, or woodworking projects, etc.

You will have peace of mind regarding your healthcare needs because you are living in a complete retirement community with doctors, nurses and other medical conveniences.

Can you imagine when your grand kids come to visit you (oh, there are some units reserved for homeowners‚ visitors!) how proud you will be to show off your ship in all its splendor?

All for less than what a traditional retirement facility will cost.

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