Retire on a Houseboat

by Ian Morton

Ian can suggest that you retire on a houseboat because he is a liveaboard on a houseboat who writes about the topic on his Web site

Who Wants to Retire on a Houseboat?

retire on a houseboatIf retirement and houseboats have crossed your mind, you wouldn't be alone, since Baby Boomer's are now an ever growing segment of the houseboat market. The advantages and possibilities are endless. The houseboating lifestyle allows for a great climate, spectacular views, and a relaxed ambiance.

How Practical is it to Retire on Houseboat?

houseboat interior for retireesHouseboats range in size from 40 feet to 110 feet. They cost from $50k for a small standard model, to $500k for large luxury models, with all the comforts of home including sleeping arrangements for 2-12 people. More than enough room to entertain the grand-kids, and still have room for all your hobbies or pets.

Since boaters are simply the nicest people you can meet, you're never at a loss for entertainement or activities while at the marina or while at anchored for a sunset supper in a quiet bay.

Where Could I Retire on a Houseboat?

Some of the popular houseboating areas are Canada, USA, Europe, Australia, India, Amsterdam, and Africa. Rentals are available in most areas to give you a test run first. Even if you have no previous boating experience, houseboat rental companies are more than prepared to make your vacation a memorable experience.

How Do We Know?

Life is so short, and so is quality of life. You should take the opportunity to investigate this retirement option, and possibly find your destiny.

We found our destiny exactly like you, browsing the Internet, and giving this a try, and have never looked back.My wife and I, are not yet fully retired, but have been "living aboard" a houseboat for the last 8 years, and it's the BEST THING we've ever done. Like I said, we're not fully retired yet, but totally intend on spending our twilight years on a boat, since there is nothing better than reading the morning paper while sipping your coffee as I watch the sunrise. Nothing beats the sound of the rain on the roof, while being ever so gently rocked to sleep. It's the best, deepest sleep we've had in the whole wide world, which makes houseboating PRICELESS for us.

We're so passionate about house boating that we created a Web site to help others better understand houseboats and the houseboating lifestyle. You should come by and visit us at It maybe the best decision you've made today !!!

PS. If you get yourself a houseboat, be sure to send us a note. We love hearing from our readers. IAN & MANON

©2007 Ian Morton

Whether you are retired on a houseboat or have another ideal retirement spot, others want to hear your story.