Retire Offgrid

by Jeanne Patera

Here's my pick of the best place to retire and why: Ron and I have chosen to retire in Tombstone, AZ. When searching for land to build our vacation/retirement home, we wanted the following:
  1. Enough land so that when it became populated we would not feel crowded
  2. Cooler than Phoenix
  3. Peace and quiet
  4. A place to grow vegetables
  5. To recycle, not pollute and be energy conscious
  6. The warmth and charm of the small town atmosphere where progress had not wiped away its history
  7. Good friends that wanted to enjoy life
  8. A place to call home for eternity

We chose to build and retire offgrid because it made sense. We lived in the desert, and we tried to copy those who came before us.

offgrid houseThere is a wonderful history here of people who made a life out of dry, hot earth. They managed to find water in the middle of the desert. Amazing people and we wanted to be a part of that. Adobe houses were economical and energy efficient. They were built from the clay. Our home is dry stack block filled with adobe clay.

We built a low-to-the-ground unassuming home that blended in with our surroundings from materials that were either recycled or took advantage of the sun, wind and rain.

offgrid dogsWe have a place for our dogs to run and play. No more leashes, harnesses or watching out for cars. We take our dogs out for exercise on our ATVs.

We visit ruins that are nearby or just enjoy the desert landscape with all of the birds, lizards, jack rabbits and other wildlife. We are not far from the San Pedro Riparian Reserve and next to BLM land so there is no shortage of wildlife.

We watch the sunrise and the sunset everyday.

We have the most wonderful neighbors! Anyone would be blessed. We love all 6 of our neighbors. They are always willing to help in any way that they can. We all live offgrid so there is no competition for status. None of us have any. We like it that way.

offgrid rainbowLife offgrid is a hard life even with our modern conveniences. Everything is done by us. We pump the water from the well, hang out laundry, check and maintain batteries to be sure we have enough electricity for the evening, and shut things down when we don't. At the end of the day, you know you have lived that day.

©2007 Jeanne Patera Used by permission
Whether you decide to retire offgrid in the desert, or in the house you were born in, others want to know. Tell us your opinion of the best place to retire.