Retire in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas

hispanic couple retired to the Rio Grande Valley.My best pick for retirement is The Rio Grande Valley of Texas.

First of all, it's warm for 9 months out of the year and rarely drops below 40 degrees.

The cost of living is one of the lowest in the United States. So, you can do more with less.

It offers a slow paced, relaxed atmosphere, and kind people.

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More Information On The Rio Grande Valley

The Rio Grande Valley is not really a valley at all. It's the delta or flood plane formed by the Rio Grande where it enters the Gulf of Mexico. Years ago the residents decided to call it a valley so it would be more appealing to tourists and and those who might choose to live or invest in the area.

The ploy worked. The Rio Grande Valley is a popular tourist destination, largely because of low costs.

Many tourists choose to stay in the RV parks that dot the delta.

Things to do if you retire
in the Rio Grande Valley

The last hand operated ferry on the Rio Grande travels between Mexico and the US at Los Ebanos, 24 miles west of McAllen.

Even if you can't visit, you can read about this special piece of history in Last Ride on the Ferry.

The Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge south of Alamo specializes in migratory birds and butterflies. At the junction of four geographical areas, the refuge is a natural resting place for its winged guests.
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