Retire in Tenerife

by Gabriele Mullenberg

My advice for the best place to retire is based on personal experience as well as on many interviews with pensioners who live in Tenerife, and I say the it's best to retire in Tenerife.

All major European cities offer many cheap, weekly flights. Most of them don't take more than 4 hours to get you to an island with ideal climatic conditions for the elderly.
retire in Tenerife

Tenerife Climate

Although, Tenerife is opposite West Africa, it never has summers or winters with extreme temperatures. Eternal spring is not a far-fetched description.

Retirement in Tenerife is for all those poor souls who suffer from aching bones, joints or, even arthritis. High Tenerife altitudes in fresh-smelling forests or beaches will be of benefit for heart, lungs, blood circulation and eye problems. Small, picturesque towns with many little shops, pubs and good, cheap restaurants invite more walks.

Retirement Activities in Tenerife

We need more gentle exercise. Walking in Tenerife is one of the best and most popular passtimes on an island which is almost a little microcosm with lovely countrysides.

Clubs within a large English community exist for almost every sport as well as for social gatherings. Golf, for example, is tops in Tenerife.

It's easy to make new friends who will also gladly give you retirement advice for living in Tenerife. The locals are warm and welcoming. Even foreigners are open to newcomers.

Retire in Tenerife For The Lifestyle

Not only English is spoken. You will even find a Finnish night club for the not so young in Puerto de la Cruz. All pensioners are invited.

In fact, what fascinates me most on the biggest of all Canary Islands is its cosmopolitan setup, flair, culture and, lifestyle.
Tenerife carnival

Tenerife carnival cloroful dressesThere are exhibitions, festivals and countless other occasions that invite you for events such as for sports and world class concerts for every taste. Don't forget the most popular Tenerife attraction, which is its Carnival.

I had many conversations with foreign pensioners who decided to retire in Tenerife. Some of them were living on the island before reaching retirement age. A Canadian lady had selected Tenerife for early retirement.

Health Care In Tenerife

An English lady in Tenerife walks without crutches after a hip operation by a Spanish specialist. Claude, a French man was operated on his leg and reports good results.

A German gentleman had successful cancer surgery in the capital's oncology hospital.

A German lady had an eye surgery for cataract and can see perfectly again. It would be hard for her to give retirement advice. Today, aged 87 she has found a place at the Santa Rita Old Age home where they don't let her go out on her own because she is now suffering memory loss.

Therefore, my general advice must include that you should never burn all your bridges at home. You might not have relatives to take you out while in a retirement home. You might, however, have friends who will do it. Perhaps, more so if you retire in Tenerife...

Before you retire in Tenerife, speak to your social security and health care provider about wanting to go live in Tenerife. Everything is transferable for EU.

Retire In North Tenerife

I would definitely recommend the north of the island for pensioners. You will not only find clubs to feel at home, but also English and Scandinavian churches, English health care, an English flee-market, an old venerable English library, and so much more.

It may be cloudy sometimes in that part of the island. However, the sun is usually out.

Tenerife carnival clorful dressesThe north of Tenerife is a paradise for keen gardeners where not only roses may be grown but, also subtropical plants.

You will discover a great selection of all types of affordable property if renting is not what you prefer.

And, before I forget, I must also stress that retiring in Tenerife is good for most budgets. If your pension was paid out in English pounds it would be even more lucrative.

Language in Tenerife

Good schools where you may learn Tenerife's national language, Spanish, or a free on-line course may help you to get the most out of your retirement in Tenerife.

©2007 Gabriele Muellenberg Used by permission
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