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So who wants to retire in Sorrento?

"Which Sorrento?" you ask. Good question.

There's Sorrento in Italy, a small seaside town surrounded by hills and mountains and famous for lemons and Sophia Loren, a small town overrun by tourists where it's hard to hear yourself think.

Then there's Sorrento on the Shuswap Lakes in BC, a small lakeside town surrounded by hills and mountains and forests and quietly noted for peace and serenity where locals and tourists enjoy their natural surroundings without the intrusion of pollution. There's the lake, with 1600 km of shoreline. With that much space, there are plenty of swimming and boating opportunities for everyone. There are the nature trails meandering through the higher elevations.

wineries abound near Sorrento by the Shuswap LakesPeople in Sorrento have access to local wineries. This is one way in which the two Sorrentos are the same.

All of this attracts artists. With a population of about 6000, Sorrento has its own art gallery featuring local artists, including the "Sorrento Seven" and artists from as far away as Canada's arctic. There is a local carvers' association.

Golfers can drive or boat to neighboring courses in Chase or Salmon Arm.

 Sorrento by the Shuswap Lakes holds a farmers marketAs you would expect in a small quiet town with dry warm summers and mild winters, Sorrento has a farmer's market.

When it's time to come in from all that nature, seniors get together for bingo, crib, and pool.

People from Vancouver, Alberta, and Europe are choosing to retire in Sorrento, BC.

Does Sorrento appeal to you?

If so, you'll want to meet Pauline. She knows her own region, like any real estate agent should. In addition, she has seniors' issues at heart. She is the second vice president of the British Columbia Old Age Pensioner's Organziation (BCOAPO) and the secretary of the Sorrento Drop-In Society. Fill in the form below and find out which spot in Sorrento BC would be perfect for you.

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