Retire in Senegal
And Make a Better Life

by Daouda

Senegal streetI think it is best to retire in Senegal, a country at the north western tip of the African continent.

What is unique about Senegal?

In 2008 an American retiree Named Viola Vaughn received the CNN hero award.

What does this have to do with Senegal, you say?

Well, Viola Vaughn basically won the award after people discovered that during her stay in Senegal, she started a program which teaches Senegalese girls to fend for themselves and also helps them in getting a proper education.

I think Senegal is the best place to retire because besides the friendly people, the beautiful tropical climate, the deserted sandy beaches, the excursions in the savanna, and the safaris…

you will have countless opportunities like the one Viola had to give back, and hence make the world a better place for future generations.

Is Senegal a politically stable country?

Africa is a beautiful continent in which you will be able to explore all types of scenery, and see countless variety of exotic animals, but when it comes to it, there are many things that you should consider before choosing to retire there; one of them being that many African countries actually have internal conflicts such as ethnic wars and the like.

Certainly, you do not want to retire in a country where the hostility or the likelihood of being involved in these unfortunate events is high.

Well, I'm happy to tell you that Senegal is a peaceful country which has been hosting democratic elections for almost two centuries now.

The People of Senegal are actually reputed to be a happy and amicable nation.

The country is often referred to as the country of hospitality; heck, even our national soccer team is named the lions of hospitality!

It is in our culture to be sociable and I'm sure you'll notice this quite fast when you visit the country. Senegal is probably the friendliest country you've ever been to! If you want know more about the country check an insider's guide and description of the country and its people.

©2011 Daouda Used by permission

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