Retire in Prague

by Dean

Retire in PragueRetire in Prague?

If you've ever spoken to someone who has visited Prague, they will surely describe it as a fantastic place to visit. After all, it only takes a few minutes to see that Prague is steeped in history and wonderful architecture which makes it a popular getaway.

But, many people don't realize that Prague, the capital of Czech Republic, is a splendid place to retire as well. Not only does it have a world of culture, arts and sights, but it's also one of the most affordable European capitals to live in.

Nearly all aspects of living in Prague are cheaper than those in other European countries. Real estate in Prague, for example, is still considered a bargain compared to similar cities. In addition, the general cost of living including expenses like food is very affordable in Prague.

Medical treatments and procedures are almost always cheaper in Prague than in other western European countries as well. In fact, many medical tourists come to Prague from countries such as Great Britain for high-quality and inexpensive health care procedures.

If you're hesitant about retiring in Prague, there's another significant detail that will comfort you. Prague has an incredibly vital expat and English speaking community which numbers in the thousands. This community has a vibrant base which is ever willing to support each other, from getting acquainted with the Czech language to finding the best doctor in Prague, there's always someone in the community to help.

Another important aspect of Prague is its accessibility. The city is very compact which means locals don't need to own a car. It's easy to get around the city by walking or using the excellent Prague metro system. The metro is one of the best in Europe for anyone, regardless of age. Better yet, the metro is entirely free for seniors.

Of course, if you retire in Prague, you will have access to one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. The Czech Republic is an exciting country filled with friendly people, interesting traditions and customs. And, from Prague, you can easily explore the countryside, numerous castles, quaint towns and other places that make this country one of the best places to retire.

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