Retire in Penang Malaysia

by Steve Sovie

Penang MalaysiaMy choice if where to retire is Malaysia. The photo on the right is the view from my apartment balcony.

The main reasons I retired here are
  • the low cost of living,
  • the warm weather,
  • English is widely spoken,
  • foreigners can buy property,
  • the food and culture
  • and the availability of a long term visa.
  • The people here are also very friendly and accommodating.

The Cost of Retiring in Malaysia

I will try to give you some cost comparisons between living in Penang, Malaysia and my former home in Boston, MA, USA.

Cost of Housing

I purchased a 3 bedroom condo with a sea view and pool for the equivalent of $130,000. Checking the Boston real estate ads for similar properties, I find the average asking price of $500,000.

Medical Cost

A visit to the doctor here is about $16. Back home with health insurance and copay it is $20. My employee sponsored health insurance cost me about $100 a month. I recently visited a doctor for bronchitis. The cost of the visit with nebulizer treatment was $16, plus $7 for antibiotics and other medication. A visit to a modern dental office for a filling and x-ray cost $20.

The Water Bill

My water bill is about $0.85 a month compared to about $30 a month in Boston.

Electrical Costs

My satellite TV with premium channels costs $47 a month compared to $87 in Boston. Electricity in Boston ran me about $60 a month. Here with AC on all night, 2 fans, washer and dryer, 2 computers and all kinds of electrical equipment, I pay about $50 a month.

Heating Costs

In Boston I paid $140 a month for heat, here $0.

Eating Out

Most people here eat out at local food courts. I pay between $1.50 and $5 for each meal.

So you can live quite cheaply here unless you demand a very elaborate lffestyle.

If you need more information let me know.

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©2011 Steve Sobie Used by permission