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waterfront walk in Nakusp, BCThe welcome mat is out for folk who want to retire in Nakusp.

When I asked about the trend, I learned that an increasing number of people are moving into the area. Even though Nakusp itself has a population of only about 1800 and even though counting in everyone in a 50-mile radius gets you only about 5000 souls, this tiny community has services many other small communities would do well to emulate:

  • Discount at the local hot spring
  • Discount at the ski hill
  • Transit to Nelson and the local hot spring with pick-up at your door
Even so, I wondered why people would come to such a small community.

Housing prices in Nakusp are lower than those in surrounding areas. Add to that an impressive list of things to do, and it's no wonder seniors are loading up and coming to town. Here are just a few of the things they do when they get there (besides soaking in the natural hot spring, of course):
  • Fish (Kokanee, trout, and dolly varden are plentiful)
  • Golf (The local 9-hole course is next to a driving range)
  • Hike
  • Pick local wild berries and mushrooms (Pine, Chantrelle, and Morel)
  • Curl
  • Ski downhill (remember the seniors' discount)
  • Ski cross country
  • Watch hockey (local minor league)
  • Attend special events at the seniors' club
Besides typical detached homes, Nakusp offers assisted living and extended care.

street corner Nakusp, BCMedical concerns are addressed by the Arrow Lakes Hospital with 20 beds, an ER, lab, x-ray facility, physio and an OR. The Provincial Ambulance Service serves Nakusp. There is also a medical clinic and a dental clinic. Specialists are in Nelson (147 km).

The weather brings people to Nakusp. Winters are mild and summers are warm. A couple of feet of snow per year is easy to deal with for most and is an easy trade-off for four distinct seasons.

The trend is for people facing retirement to invest in their dream area early. They can rent out a home they buy, use the home as a vacation spot, or buy property to build their dream retirement home when the time comes.

main street Nakusp, BCIf you would like to live on the Arrow Lakes in the valley of hot springs, you will want to chat with a friendly, knowledgeable real estate agent. I was impressed by Gord Marshall and his wife Lee-Anne. They took time after closing hours to tell me about their town even though they knew I wasn't looking to buy. I like a no-pressure approach, so I find Gord easy to recommend. Add to that his 48 years in the area and 16 years in real estate, and you have what I consider a winning combination.

Fill in the form below to get more information about Nakusp and start your conversation with someone who can help you find your perfect retirement home. Alternatively, you can use the toll free number. (Gord says that's another way for seniors to save money.) 1-888-246-3019

If you have already decided that Nakusp is the best place to retire, click the link and tell the world why. Your comments could help someone else to decide to move to Nakusp.

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