Retire in Malaga, Spain

by Toby

Malaga SceneFor my husband and me, the best place to retire is Málaga, Spain. I have been in love with Spain for over 30 years, since I spent my junior year in college in Madrid.

I had talked about it so much that one day years ago, hubby said to me "So, when are you going to take me?" And I thought a two-week trip for my 50th birthday would be the perfect time to go back to Spain. So, we saved and saved and finally the day came that we went to Spain the last two weeks of May 2010. We took our then 10-year-old daughter,and we had a great time. We went to Barcelona, Madrid, Toledo, Sevilla, Málaga and Granada.

Our first time to Málaga was that trip in May 2010. We both fell in love with this charming city by the sea, full of history and art and fun shopping and more. And when we received some surprise money later that year, we knew exactly how we wanted to spend it. We decided to spend a week in Spain to celebrate our 20th anniversary in March 2011.

Malaga SceneIt was that trip that got us thinking about retiring there. They boast 360 days of sunshine each year which is very appealing to a couple from the upper Midwest where we probably have half as many days of sunshine as that.

Other reasons we find Málaga so appealing have to do with advancing age and arthritis. My joints need warmer weather, and Málaga fits the bill. It also felt so comfortable to both of us, the people are so warm and generous. Plus, it's by the sea. Hubby needs this and I sure wouldn't mind it either.

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