Retire in Lewistown, Montana
Watch Time Stand Still

by Kathy Molden

Here's my pick of the best place to retire and why: I want to retire in Lewistown, Montana.

I was born and raised around this area and couldn't wait to leave and explore the big wide world. I made it from Florida to Alaska and guess where I ended up? Right back in the Big Sky Country.

What could be better than . . .
  • low wages,
  • not many jobs,
  • and a small population?
The answer is: not much changes here.

The population hasn't grown much in 40 years. It stays right around 10,000 people.

And we have the best of everything. Lewistown sits in the middle of 3 mountain ranges. (Actually the name means snow hole.)

We have . . .
  • farming and ranching,
  • hunting,
  • skiing,
  • lakes,
  • beautiful sunrises and sunsets,
  • very little crime,
  • and the friendliest people around.
Everything I could possibly want for retirement is right here. So, I'm going to retire in Lewistown, Montana.

©2006 Kathy Molden Used by permission
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