Gibsons with ferry

I Want To Retire In Gibsons

I plan to retire in Gibsons. After all, I grew up here and after traveling to many other places, I still think this beauty can't be beat.

Every day I get to look at this gorgeous view. But that's not all.

  • There's still a small-town feel even though we now have two street lights.
  • I can buy almost everything I need either here or in "the other town" on the Sunshine Coast, Sechelt.
  • I can walk along the beach or a forest trail just minutes from my door. (And in Gibsons when we talk about travel in minutes, we mean walking minutes.)
  • And when I'm too decrepit to do anything other than lie on my bed and stare out the window -- well, did I mention the view?
See that little white thing in the water in the distance? That's a ferry coming into Langdale. We love and hate the ferry.

We hate it because it slows us down when we want to come and go.

We love it because it slows down others who want to come and go. That means we are still considered remote and the rest of you probably won't come here to retire.

What? You don't want to retire in Gibsons?

My challenge is, can you beat it as a place to retire? If so, I want to hear about your special spot.

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