Why We Decided To
Retire in Dominican Republic

by Lynda Lehmann

Dominican Republic condoWhen I'm asked why I wanted to retire in Dominican Republic, I answer with a question...

Are Caribbean tropics luring you with dreams of leisurely beach walks instead of  shoveling snow?

My husband Les + I are expat Canadian baby-boomers who moved to Cabarete (on the north shore of the Dominican Republic) in 2004 to escape harsh northern winters.

We bought a beach side acreage and built 4 vacation rental condos which we rent to tourists from around the world. It's been a fascinating time for us, and we've learned a lot!

Why did we choose the DR and what are the advantages of retiring here?

  • Climate - much easier to take endless summers, not shoveling-snow bummers
  • Stability - the government is stable, and local people naturally friendly
  • Amenities - good infrastructure - such as banking, communications, transportation, water + power
  • Economics - real estate bargains, low labour costs, very reasonable cost of living
  • cabarete bay aerialGreat diversity - 500 miles of island showcasing cool mountain peaks + breath-taking valley vistas, sunny ocean beaches, deserts + rainforests, lazy winding rivers nestled in lush tropical foliage
  • Cultural history - Columbus landed here in 1492, claiming the area for Spain, building forts, and introducing  new flora + fauna
  • Slower lifestyle - warm ocean breezes lull you into slowing down + getting back to basics ... giving you permission to kick back n relax :)

    Read more about our experience of moving + living here at
    better yet, come on down and visit us for a holiday.

    We promise to make you feel right at home. Come see it for yourself, firsthand - FUN!

    ©2011 Lynda Lehmann Used by permission

    Discover Caribbean living in the Dominican Republic's world famous town of Cabarete thru the eyes of expat Canadian baby-boomers who share how they followed their dream and how you can too!

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