Retire to Chiang Mai, Thailand!

by Fred Hultz

Chiang-MaiDon't short change yourself and your retirement. You definitely need to research, visit and ultimately retire in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I'm now in my fifties and I've been in and out of South East Asia for decades and I can tell you without hesitation that this ancient, vibrant and welcoming city needs to be on your short list of retirement destinations.
  • The climate is favorable,
  • your money will stretch further than you'll believe,
  • the healthcare is excellent,
  • the housing is plentiful,
  • lots of locals speak English,
  • there are over a dozen Universities in town,
  • the food is unbelievably tasty...
I could go on and on!

Chiang Mai, Thailand
Has Great People

The population of Chiang Mai is around 150,000 in the city and almost a million in the metropolitan area. It's the largest city in Northern Thailand and it attracts in the neighborhood of 5 million tourists a year. Approximately two million of those are foreign vacationers.

You will immediately feel comfortable and secure in Chiang Mai. The locals love westerners and are quick to offer a hand or a word of advise. Crime is almost unheard of here and people are always out and about.

This is a great society that clings to traditional customs one of which is to respect the elderly. When you retire to Chiang Mai or you're just here for a visit you'll quickly come to love the Thai people.

Chiang Mai, Thailand
Is A Wonderful Place to Live

There are literally hundreds of things I could list for you and yours to do and see in and around Chiang Mai. A lot of the information you need and want can be found at a great site: I know you'll find this site invaluable for gathering all the information you need to retire comfortably in Chiang Mai.

Visit Chiang Mai and you'll find yourself wanting to keep extending your departure date...some people never take their return flight back to the United States or Europe or wherever they came from. Now, they call Chiang Mai home just like the other 30,000 or more westerners who live there!

©2011 Fred Hultz Used by permission

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