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retire in Ashcroft, the Arizona of BC"Do many people retire in Ashcroft?" I asked. I wasn't prepared for the responses from both the town hall and the real estate agent. Both offices gave me enthusiastic assurances that plenty of seniors are retiring in Ashcroft. In fact, 70% of home buyers are retirees.

It would be easier to tell you why you wouldn't want to retire in Ashcroft than to tell you why you would, but I'll buckle down and give you the reasons I was given.

Ashcroft Has A Great Climate For Seniors

Ashcroft, part of the Thompson Nicola region of British Columbia, is the Arizona of BC according to one supporter. For those who want the scientific term, Ashcroft has a dry Continental climate. Precipitation is 5-7" per year.

There is snow for Christmas about four out of ten years. And when snow does fall, there isn't much of it. Winter temperatures hover around 0 to minus 5 degrees Celsius. Snow removal is not an issue in Ashcroft.

It's warm. People can plant gardens in mid-March, but it's not extremely hot for more than a week or two each year. Winters are relatively mild with temperatures hovering around zero.

Heating and air conditioning costs are low.

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Ashcroft Has Great Water

The water in Ashcroft comes from the Thompson River. It's plentiful and it's soft. There are no watering restrictions in Ashcroft.

If you retire in Ashcroft and plant a garden, you can "throw a little water on it and it'll spring right up under your feet."

There Are Great Activities in Ashcroft

Although Ashcroft has a population of only about 17,000 and it's not the place to come for nightlife, there's plenty to do.
  • Curling
  • Horseback riding
  • Softball
  • Golf
  • Swimming (indoors and out)
  • Hockey (to play or watch)
  • Skating
  • Soccer
  • Gardening
There is a large range of service organizations or clubs to join.

Ashcroft Has Good Medical Services

Although it is only an hour from Kamloops where there is a regional hospital, Ashcroft has a medical facility that offers an ER, e-rays, and a lab.

Ashcroft Is Centrally Located

Ashcroft honours its heritage, including rail
Ashcroft rail heritage
Many people who retire in Ashcroft do so because they are an easy drive from children who live and work in larger centers. Vancouver, the Okanagan, and the Cariboo/Chilcotin areas are all within reach.

Ashcroft is the central hub of Gold Country. The roads to Ashcroft are in good condition all year.

Ashcroft has its own airport. It is only one hour away from the Kamloops airport, home to Air Canada, Central Mountain Air, Pacific Coastal Airlines, and WestJet.

For those who enjoy train travel, Via Rail provides passenger service.

The flat terrain makes walking easy.

Ashcroft Is Affordable

Many seniors retire in Ashcroft because they can sell their home in a larger center and buy a home of equal size and quality for much less. Then they take the rest of the equity they had in the more expensive home and invest it or spend it on enhancing their lifestyle.

Ashcroft has a range of housing options. You can find detached houses, duplexes, apartments, and assisted living.

Ashcroft Is Wired

You can be connected if you retire in Ashcroft. Ashcroft has free dial-up service. There is also access to cable connections to the Internet.

Do You Want to Retire in Ashcroft?

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