Retire in "Alabama the Beautiful"
Retirement Heaven!

by Ed Majors

Ed Majors built a retirement log home in AlabamaIf you are looking for the perfect outdoors retirement spot, then look no further than Alabama. I recently built my dream log cabin on three acres of rural countryside; and I have all I want pretty much within a stone’s throw away (well, at least within a short drive)! I have lived most of my life in Alabama and there is nowhere else I would even think about retiring to.

Southern Hospitality in Alabama

Ed Majors wants to retire and fish in AlabamaAlabama has all I could ever want – and then some. You hear so much about “southern hospitality.” Well, let me tell you, IT IS “all it is cracked up to be.” I have had visitors from all over the United States that have raved about the kind and friendly people here in the South. I have met nice folks from all over, but when it comes to a warm welcome and great hospitality, the South just can’t be beat!

The Climate

Another reason for Alabama being a great place to retire is the warm climate. The winters in Alabama are generally mild with a minimum of ice and snowfall. While the summers can be considered humid, the temperatures again are fairly mild and very conducive to the vast array of outdoor activities found here. Being at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains in the North and bordered by the Gulf of Mexico to the south, Alabama has an ideal climate to enjoy those activities year round.

Activities for Retirees in Alabama

And believe me we have some great retirement activities available in Alabama!

Lets start with the world-famous Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail. As described by Gareth Clary, a local golf writer, “Stand on the edge of a cliff overlooking the Tennessee River and hit a tee shot over what seems to be a bottomless ravine. Stand on a bluff hovering above the Alabama River and watch your drive seemingly sail through the clouds, then fall to a ribbon of fairway 200 feet below. Stand in the fairway and aim at twin greens dissected by an 80-foot waterfall.” These breathtaking shots are what you will find all along the Golf Trail in Alabama. It receives rave reviews each year, and has transformed the state into one of the most popular golf destinations in the world.

If your idea of retirement, like mine, is chasing that record-setting fish on a local lake, then Alabama has all you need. Sitting on a pier or in a boat, with the sun just breaking over the horizon, waiting for that “first bite of the day”; now that is like heaven for me!

Whether you enjoy freshwater fishing for bass or crappie, or deep-sea fishing on the Gulf coast, Alabama has got you covered. retire with the grandchildren and teach them to fish in AlabamaI have two grandchildren, ages two and four, and I can’t wait to take them fishing and help them learn to enjoy the out of doors! There is no greater joy than watching a kid catch their first fish.

go fishing in AlabamaThere are so many more activities – hunting, camping, hiking, or just lying on the beach – that make for the ideal retirement spot for the active outdoors person. And Alabama has them all!

If all you want in retirement is to sit quietly, watch TV and grow old, look elsewhere. Alabama is tailor-made for an exciting, vibrant outdoors retirement. And for me, I couldn’t ask for more!

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