Why We Decided to Retire in Cuenca, Ecuador

Larry and Linda Marler retire in Cuenca, EcuadorMy wife and I researched places to retire outside of the USA for 15 years. We visited Canada, many places in Mexico, Panama, Fiji, and Ecuador.

We found our place to retire in Cuenca, Ecuador.
  • The people are friendly.
  • Family is #1 with native Ecuadorians.
  • The temperature in Cuenca ranges between 60 - 70 degrees F, year-round.
Our first visit to Ecuador was over New Years 2001. We were invited by a native on the plane to spend New Years Eve with his family and extended family. We had the best New Years Eve in our entire lives. Ecuadorians love to party.

The family took us all around Quito where we met about 150 of their relatives and extended family. Then we danced disco all night.

We purchased a new penthouse condo in Cuenca in July 2004 (pre-construction) and it is due for completion anytime now. We are planning to move down there from Denver, CO in November 2007. Oh, also, I am in the process of writing a eBook on "retiring in Ecuador."

Regards, Larry

©2007 Larry Maler Used by permission

Larry holds a PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology
You may not choose to retire in Cuenca, Ecuador. Please share what you think is the best place to retire.