An Outdoor Connection Franchise
A Dream Business For The Outdoor Enthusiast

Freddy Marks lands another Outdoor Connection FranchiseeSo you are retired or retiring and you're considering a franchise. If you enjoy the outdoors, an Outdoor Connection franchise could be what you are looking for.

Outdoor Connection is the world's largest hunting and fishing travel agency. It arranges trips to over 250 lodges in 16 countries in North and South America, Africa, Asia, the Pacific Islands, and the Caribbean.

Outdoor Connection officeIf you
  • love the outdoors,
  • enjoy hunting or fishing,
  • have good sales skills,
  • and want a portable business. . .
. . .consider an Outdoor Connection franchise.

A Franchise With A Quality Product

Game hunters and fishers who book trips on their own play roulette. An ad can say pretty much whatever the lodge owner or guide chooses to say. The sportsperson won't know until it's too late.

When an Outdoor Connection agent books a trip, the traveler knows that the destination has been checked by OC franchisees. Every destination will be as advertised.

Join A Business With Proven Market Demand

Travel in general is on the rise. As a niche, adventure travel appeals to many people.

Retirees like you with more time to get up and go want to fit in the trips they have only dreamed of before it is too late. Joining Outdoor Connection puts you in line to tap into that market.

A Franchise With A Great Training and Support Package

One advantage of any franchise is the support.

Outdoor Connection training group in Cabo San LucasOutdoor Connection provides both startup training and ongoing development to its franchisees. The annual convention, held at various travel destinations, provides continuing education, networking, and important industry updates.

The Outdoor Connection office takes care of much of the paperwork for the bookings, leaving you to concentrate on sales.

Be Your Own Boss

While Outdoor Connection gives you lots of training and support, you are still your own boss.

You can work from a storefront, perhaps a sporting goods store you already own, or you can work from your home. You can work from your RV while you travel around the country. You can even work from a lodge while you live out your own dreams. All you need is a way for clients to contact you. Outdoor Connection provides a Web presence for your business.

You can specialize in one type of trip or one geographic area or you can choose to be a generalist. It's up to you.

Reduced Rates On Your Own Adventure Travel

Outdoor Connection Cabo San Lucas fishing tripMany of the businesses that Outdoor Connection represents offer discounts to Outdoor Connection franchisees.

Part of your responsibility as a franchisee is to inspect and evaluate the lodges.

Imagine the trip of your dreams at a fraction of the posted price. With time on your hands as a retiree, you can bring your own travel fantasies to life.

And of course, since your have a travel business, you will be talking to your accountant about how to write off the expenses.

Affordable Fees

While we're talking about costs, Outdoor Connection fees are affordable to most people who want to start a new business. The fee includes training, stationery, an exclusive territory, and a personalized Web site.

Outdoor Connection recognizes that even with a low fee, some potential franchisees will need financial help. A minimal down payment and reasonable terms are available to those who qualify.

Multiple Income Streams

An Outdoor Connection franchise earns money from booked trips. But there's more. Travel related sales and services round out what the franchisee offers clients. The franchisee earns money from those sales and referrals as well.