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LinkedIn Training for Boomers

by Don D'Armond

seniors use LinkedInBoomers can use their LinkedIn login as a path to a new job. Learn what is LinkedIn and how retirees can use it and other social media for jobs with income and satisfaction.

Networking has always been one of the most successful techniques to gain employment. You talk to someone you know in an industry and discuss what it going on and who may have a need for someone with your skills. You always ask if there is something that you can do for the person with whom you are networking. Give more than you expect to get.

Over the past 5 -10 years the world of networking has changed. It certainly changed in networking with our friends on Facebook and others like it. Now LinkedIn has developed into a formidable element the social networking group, with a focus on business relationships. And it works.

You may think that LinkedIn would be just for those under 50 that have a longer career in front of them. It is more than that. Those over 50 currently make up 35% of the users and can utilize it in much the same manner to find prior relationships from long ago, reconnect with those you worked with a few years ago and touch base with your newest contacts.

The place to start is with a LinkedIn Login. From there, go through the LinkedIn training on their site to gain an understanding of the basic elements that you should place in your profile, which is an extremely important page to allow others to learn about you. You can consider it your resume in a different form.

Don SJVThen upload your email address list (easily done) and you are off. You will find many friends and prior business colleague already signed on. Just send them a request to connect with them and you are starting to build your list of connections.

There are many applications that can be added to help you search for employers based on location, industry or other criteria. It is not for just the 20-year olds. LinkedIn is for you too. Sign up for your LinkedIn Login and get started.

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