Kenya safari Mt. Kilimanjaro in the distance

Kenya Safari Tips
For The Holiday of a Lifetime

by Monday Businge

If you are looking for the holiday of a lifetime in an exotic destination, plan to spend your next vacation in Kenya. Why? Well, for a hundred and one reasons but here are the highlights: maasi man seen on a Kenya safari
  • You will see more “big fives” (lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos and buffalos) in their pristine natural habitats than you ever imagined possible
  • You will bask on some of the world’s most dazzling white beaches that are fringed by elegantly swaying coconut palms
  • You will swim, snorkel and dive in the calm turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean which swarm with an incredible array of sea life
  • You will imbibe stunning views of snow-capped mountains(yes, snowcapped mountains in the tropics!) and
  • You will get up and close and personal with the renowned Maasai warriors (whose simple lifestyle, colorful dress and reverence for cattle will be indelibly etched in your memory)
And as a bonus, you get a unique name for your holiday; a SAFARI.

My Best Kenya Safari Tips

As with everything else, good planning will ensure that your Kenya Safari delivers beyond your wildest dreams. Here are my top tips.

Where to go

mombassa beach on a Kenya safariAlthough Kenya boasts fascinatingly diverse landscapes and the entire country appears to teem with wildlife, here are my favorite destinations:
  • Mombasa – the gateway to the coast and home to Africa’s finest beaches

  • Nairobi, the cosmopolitan capital that is bound to serve as your pit stop between different safari destinations

  • Maasai Mara Game Reserve – the preeminent lion country that is also home to the world-famous wildebeest migration (fittingly dubbed the “world’s greatest wildlife spectacle”) and over 400 species of birdlife

  • Amboseli National Park which is teeming with oodles of elephants and offers astounding views of the Kilimanjaro, the highest freestanding mountain the world!

What to pack

lions on a Kenya safari
  • Because Kenya is located in the tropics, you can quit worrying about the amount of precious space that your winter jacket or spring clothes will eat up. Carry summer wear; shorts, short sleeved tops, flip flops, sandals, jeans and a light cardigan instead.

  • Swimwear.

  • A rucksack for your day trips in the wildlife parks.

  • A digital camera (of course!), lots of memory cards as these are prohibitively expensive here and, a battery charger. As the power here is 220/240 volts and the plug catered for is the UK square pin one, US and Canadian tourists will need a converter.

  • An alarm clock. Ugh! You will however need to get up in time for the early morning game drives if you want to catch all the action in the animal world. Fancy witnessing the world-famous wildebeest migration (fittingly dubbed the “world’s greatest wildlife spectacle”), seeing a cheetah hunting or a lion pride relaxing after a heavy meal? I bet you do! Well, then remember to set your alarm for 5 am while in the Maasai Mara!

Where to shop

ebony carvings in a mombassa marketSouvenirs – whether these are metallic toys, sisal bags with leather trimmings or intricately handcrafted wood and soapstone carvings – are guaranteed to bring back fond memories of your Kenya safari so be sure to take some home with you.

Don’t be lured into buying these at expensive malls though. Settle instead for the open air “Maasai Markets” in Mombasa and the Globe Cinema roundabout in Nairobi…

©2007 Monday Businge Used by permission

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