So what's this inspected4u thing I see on the Web? It's a great way to click with confidence!

When I find a resource that I think will benefit others, I get a copy or a sample and evaluate it personally. Then I give it a rating of
  • Gold,
  • Silver, or
  • Bronze.
(Actually, there is another rating, too. That's the trash bin. I wouldn't even bother to list anything that doesn't make it to Bronze.)

I rank items according to the following criteria. . .
  • value for cost
  • ease of use
  • overall quality
  • reputation of seller (when available to me)
When other criteria apply, I use those as well.

Items that pass my scrutiny are identified by a rank to help you decide whether it's worth clicking to investigate further.


The products on this site are not my own and I am not responsible for any disagreement you have with any vendor. I do, however appreciate comments, both positive and negative on items or services you've purchased as a result of visiting this site.

That goes for the free things, too. There is a good deal of garbage floating in cyberspace. I don't want to add to it and I don't want to give anything of poor quality a space on my site.

Please give me your comments on the goods and services I recommend. Your input helps me to maintain the highest standards here.

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