Consider A French Gite

Gites of Rural FranceWe normally wouldn't have been looking for a French gite in January, but a family emergency had me scanning the Internet for lodgings in France that could accommodate my mother and me.

My mom uses a wheelchair, and we needed to stay for three weeks, so I decided a gite would be the right choice for us.

A gite is a short-term rental where the owner lives nearby. It seems to me to be a cross between a motel and a B&B. Gites are fully furnished and usually include kitchens so you can do your own cooking. They are regulated by the authorities and undergo regular inspections.

Gites were traditionally farm outbuildings that were upgraded for human habitation. Now, you can find a gite in an apartment block in a city.

In our case, we needed a gite on a ground floor with easy access for the wheelchair. We decided to look at a rural gite of France.

French gites are ranked by epises or wheat sheafs. They are like stars in our hotel ranking.

French gite front doorThings to watch for when chosing a French gite...
  • Many gites include bedding. Some do not. Be sure to ask.
  • Ask, too, about additional utility costs. They are not always included in the advertised rate.
  • Many landlords and landladies speak languages other than French, at least enough to get by. But not all do. So if you don't speak French, be sure you can communicate with the people you will be dealing with.
We were thrilled with our gite in rural France!

A gite offers a very comfortable stay at a reasonable price and allows you to get to know the country better than if you were to stay in a typical hotel. I would happily stay in a French gite again.

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