Extra Money on Social Assistance

by Claudia Maretelli

If you are on social assistance, you need extra money.You can add $100-$200 a week to your income just by knowing how to cut your monthly expenses. You can cut your groceries by 50-75% without coupons.

I have been on SSDI for 4 years and I live better than most of my friends with jobs.

If you need more than $100-$200 a month, there are also a lot of opportunities for part time work from home with companies that focus on people living on SS. There are jobs specifically designed for seniors and specifically for the disabled. You can even make your own schedule.

You might think that you don’t have the energy or resources to start a business from home, but there are numerous opportunities that are easy with minimal to no upfront money to get started. There are even free courses and ebooks to get you on your way.

The seniors market is exploding with opportunities to add extra money to your income.

Do you find yourself needing extra money in a pinch? There is a resource that will help you without having to pay them back.

I changed my life and you can, too!

©2011 Claudia Maretelli from Living-On-Social-Security.com Used by permission

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