Early Retirement

Early retirement finds people in four different situations. In which situation are you?middle aged man

  1. You want to retire early. You are looking forward to it.
  2. You decided to retire early, but you made the decision only because of circumstances. You would prefer to continue working.
  3. You've been forced to retire early, but you're ready.
  4. Early retirement was imposed on you and you are unhappy about your position.

Whatever your reason, you share something in common with other early retirees. . .

. . .You will be retired longer than people who work until regular retirement age. That means that whatever your retirement years hold, you'll have more of it. . .

. . .except for money.

People who retire early need more retirement money than those who work longer. That's possibly the biggest concern. It's just plain hard to plan for every expense that might turn up in 40 years.

Beyond that, you will need to fill your time with meaningful activity.

A wise man in his 90s passes on this advice. . .

Do as much as you can
as soon as you can.
You never know when your window of opportunity will close.

Claude is not in his 90s. Far from it! But he's brought the sentiment above to life. I think you'll enjoy his video as much as I do.

I've been talking about your early retirement, but it's mine, too. I'm in the position of taking early retirement due to circumstances.

Much of the information here is from my personal research. I'd love to have your input, too.

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