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Choose It!
Giving You Clarity

Decisions! It seems we are always making them.

When it comes to retirement, there are more than enough decisions to go around.

Some decisions are life-changing. Others are less critical.

Sometimes the sheer number of the decisions wears a person out.

Which of these decisions are you making?
  • When to retire
  • Where to live
  • Where to go on vacation
  • Whether to eat in or out today
  • Whether to get a fish, a dog, or a pony. . .

Mountains of decisions confront people facing retirement.

Right in the middle of a huge decision related to my impending retirement, I was asked to test a piece of software designed to help people clarify their thinking around any choice.

I was skeptical that a piece of software could give me clarity on an issue that I had wrestled with for months. Friends and colleagues had listened to my dilemma and given me input all to no avail. I certainly didn't expect the program to be much help.

I was wrong!

The program took about 3 minutes to learn to use by working through an example. Then it helped me to think through my own problem. (The time for that varies with how familiar each user is with all the factors to consider.) I took my time with that part because my problem was a big one with serious consequences.

When I had put in all the data, I hit the final button and to my amazement, a graph appeared that made my choice clear.

Best of all, the decision was 100% mine because I was the person who had put in all the information.

Some of the others who tested Choose It! used it to decide what to eat, where their children should go to school, which book to read first. . . No matter how important the decision, Choose It! came through.

I think you'll love this little tool.

The only limits are those the user brings to the table. For example, because my own decision involved finances, I had to have some hard numbers to put into the equation. But once I had the information, Choose It! helped me to weigh the pros and cons of five options simultaneously.

This is an inspected4u Gold choice.

It's free, it works as advertised, and it's uses are limited only by the user.

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