Check Baggage Restrictions
On ALL Airlines

lots of checked luggage at the airportBefore you fly...

No, before you pack...

Check the baggage restrictions on all the airlines you'll be flying on.

With rising fuel costs, airlines are changing their fees for checked baggage. Sometimes the fee goes up. Sometimes the allowable weight for checked baggage goes down. Sometimes the number of bags you are allowed to check goes down.

For you, this all adds up to increased costs. Unless you...

Plan Ahead And
Check Baggage Restrictions

Call each airline you will fly with to learn their current regulations. Better yet, visit the Web site of each airline to see their checked baggage regulations.

Then, reduce your baggage.

If at all possible, restrict your luggage to what you can carry on. Not only will you save money due to increased baggage fees, but you will save time at arrivals. No more waiting at the carousel. Better yet, no more lost luggage.

How To Reduce Your Baggage

  1. Take only multi-purpose clothing. This means that each item should match as many other items as possible.
  2. Choose a color palette that pleases you. Neutrals work well, but I prefer to wear pink, blue, and white or pink, blue, and brown. As long as I stay within my colors, I can look great.
  3. Use accessories to change the look of outfits.
  4. Keep footwear to a minimum.
  5. Store small items inside your packed shoes.
  6. Roll your clothes as tightly as you can. They will wrinkle less and take up less space.
  7. Use zip lock bags to store small items. Keep one category in one bag.
  8. Buy toiletries when you arrive. Not only will you save space, but you will also avoid the security checks of all your gels and liquids.
  9. Consider taking clothes you won't mind leaving behind. Most areas have charity shops that would be glad to have your donations. On one of my international flights, I came home with only the clothes I wore, one extra blouse, and a change of underwear.
  10. Consdier packing less and buying some items when you arrive. This may be risky if you don't know the area and the shopping days and times, but this allows you to bring home useful souvenirs of your trip.

Choose A Good Bag

My best advice is to travel with a great rollaboard.

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