Retirement Blog September 2006

Sep 28, 2006, About Audrey

All about Audrey. Why she's retiring and why she made this Web site.

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Sep 27, 2006, Retired At 34? Derek Foster Is.

I'm passing on this story before I finish my research so do complete your own before leaping into a similar situation. But if you dream of a super early retirement, this might be worth checking out.

Derek Foster has a young family and manages to stay home with them while they live a lifestyle that puts the them into the average range of Canadian families. If parents don't work outside the home, many costs vanish, making the needed income much less.

Of course Foster does have income through his book. Most writers would say that as a writer, he is far from retired.

But whatever you call his lifestyle, Derek Foster is happy not to be punching anyone's clock.

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Sep 24, 2006, Wondering What To Do With Recreational Property?

This article outlines a lawyer's advice on things to consider when deciding the fate of you vacation home.

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Sep 24, 2006, Public Employees in Utah Faces Limited Post-Retirement Options

For a variety of reasons, people retire, collect a pension, and then go back to the same or similar job. Often the retiree has taken advantage of an early retirement package.

These older employees have expertise and experience needed in the work force. Those with specialized skills and knowledge find themeselves in demand.

That doorway may be narrowing for public sector workers in Utah, where proposed legislation would tighten the rules about re-employment.

No matter where you live, the ability to retire and return to work may be an option with increasing restrictions. A back-up plan is a good idea.

Many retirees with expertise find other ways to turn their knowledge into cash.

Sep 24, 2006, Pensioners Losing Benefits

Over the past three years, 18 per cent of employers have reduced non-pension benefits offered to retired employees, and nearly 25 per cent plan on doing so in the next three years, according to the survey of more than 200 employers by Mercer Human Resource Consulting.

Medical benefits can disappear in a flash once a person is retired. Since our medical costs rise with age, this raises a huge concern for those about to retire.

Some companies currently restrict the reductions to those yet to retire, but others have cut medical benefits to those already retired.

If you are retired or retiring, investigate what your medical costs would be if you were to lose that benefit and make plans to cover the additional cost. Once you are housed and fed, your medical coverage should be a primary concern.

Will you need additional income? Medical insurance costs less than medical care. Even a little exra income could make the difference. I have suplemental income from my Web sites. If this interests you, see inquire-Solo Build

If you have additional retirement income, tell your story here.

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Sep 17, 2006, Retirement Jobs

Retirement jobs? Only if we want them. Studies show 50% of people who reach retirement age work. Which is the right job for you?

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Sep 17, 2006, Best Place To Retire

Wondering about the best place to retire or have a secret spot you'd like to share? Insider information on where to retire and why each spot is so great.

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Sep 16, 2006, The Gopher Menace Of Seniors

I learned a new term today -- gophers, refering to moterized scooters like those driven by many seniors with mobility problems.

In Australia, at least, these gophers are becoming a menace on the roads. I live in a community with an increasing number of moterized seniors on sidewalks and roadways. I can't say I've considered any a menace.

If you use any moterized vehicle, you do have to obey the rules of the road. So wherever you are on your gopher, or scooter, or whatever they call it where you live, take care.

Sep 16, 2006, Monkees Or Stones -- What Are Your Health Care Options?

A good metaphor has staying power and this one will certainly stay with me.

Baby Boomers familiar with the 1970s music scene and facing retirement could indentify with the Monkees, who retired early, or the Rolling Stones, who are still rocking hard.

When you consider health care needs as you retire, thinking of these groups gives you a hook to hang some big ideas.

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Sep 16, 2006, Are You Qualified To Oversee Your Own Pension?

In recent years, there has been a tendency to view the US economy purely in terms of numbers -- quarterly earnings, stock prices, and so on. The shift toward defined-contribution retirement plans may make those numbers look a little better. But putting retirement planning in the hands of workers with no financial training and staking retirement funds on a game of Wall Street roulette makes retirement look a lot worse for real people . Companies, and the federal government, should be looking for ways to rationalize the payment of defined-benefit plans so that it takes into account both the needs of companies -- and the need for workers to have a determined income stream.

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Sep 16, 2006, New Zealand Third Best Place To Retire

International Living says New Zealand is the third best place to retire. What do you think?

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Sep 16, 2006, Job Satisfaction Affects Retirement Income

Meet Jasper and Janice and find out why taking less money for a job you love can make you richer in the long run.

Like Janice, I have never resented going to work and I've been happy with my job every day I've worked.

The problem arises when we have to retire earlier than we planned.

Of course, if I weren't facing early retirement, I would not be facing a reduced pension and I'd be in Janice's shoes. . .

. . .or sandals.

In spite of my own situation, I still believe it's better to do a job you love. If I'd stayed at some of my previous jobs instead of teaching, I'd probably have died of stressed or have done a serious injury to someone else by now.

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Sep 16, 2006, Working Off Property Taxes

In Pulaski Community School District in Wisconsin, seniors can work off up to $430 of their property taxes by "volunteering" in schools.

As a teacher in a public school, I'm pondering my stance on this one.

Schools love volunteers and many seniors offer excellent help in public schools. Most seniors have lots of experience with children to bring to the table when dealing with youngsters.

But not everyone is suited to working with children, or even in the presence of children. The news report I read didn't say whether criminal records checks are required or whether the schools must take all comers.

In spite of my reservations, I thought this idea deserved consideration in a wider venue, so I offer it here for your consideration. Maybe it's something to bring up in your jurisdiction.

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Sep 16, 2006, Help For Seniors And Their Caregivers

Technology can be overwhelming. But like every cloud, it has a silver lining.

Often children are the primary caregivers of senior parents. Increasingly, senior children are giving care to senior parents. Technology can help.

This article gives a peek at some ways technology can make caregiving easier for both those giving and receiving care. (Sorry, link no longer working.)

Sep 6, 2006, Home Based Small Business

Are you ready for a home based small business? Check your personal attitudes and resources before you begin.

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Sep 4, 2006, Turn A Hobby Into A Business

Turn your hobby into a business. Ron Knight believes that his hobbies should pay for themselves. From tennis coach to garden expert, Ron turns hobbies into retirement income.

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Sep 4, 2006, Retire In The Garden

Where is the best place to retire? Who wouldn't want to retire in the garden? Ron and Carla Knight built a house and a display garden where they find meaningful tasks in their retirement.

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Sep 4, 2006, Timeshare in Mexico

A right to use timeshare in Mexico meets the travel needs of a retired Canadian couple who explain what they like about their holiday decision.

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Sep 4, 2006, Chaos to Paradise

A reforestation business owner becomes a tour guide. He shares how chaos led him to paradise.

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Sep 2, 2006, Where To Retire: Stay Home Or Move?

Deciding where to retire ranks as one of the biggest issues retirees face. Stay or go? What factors influence the decision? Use a handy free decision-making tool to sort out your issues.

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