Retirement Blog December 2006

Dec 3, 2006, Outdoor Connection Franchise -- A Retired Sportsman's Dream

If you love the outdoors, an Outdoor Connection Franchise might be the retirement business you've been looking for. Learn the benefits of booking trips for others -- and for yourself.

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Dec 3, 2006, What Color Is YOUR Retirement?

John Trauth and Alan Bernstein have a chapter in their book Your Retirement, Your Way called "What Color Is Your Retirement?"

As Booomers, we tend to want to do things our own way. According to the authors, our ways can be divided into four categories: red, green, yellow, and blue.

The question is, can we keep our retirement pots in the black?

Maybe if we do it according to our colors, we can.

Dec 3, 2006, BC To Revoke Mandatory Retirement

If Premier Gordon Campbell has his way, mandatory there will be no more mandatory retirement in BC.

Quebec, Manitoba, and Ontario have already abandoned a set retirement age and Saskatchewan is about to do the same.

If BC does pass the proposed legislation, one half of Canada's ten provinces will be without a mandatory retirement age.

Although I applaud the move to allow workers to continue in their jobs if they choose, I wonder if this is a step toward extending the age at which one can collect a pension. Both Britain and Germany are already extending the age of pension eligibility.

As boomers we live in interesting times.

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Dec 3, 2006, Straight Answers About Canadian Retirement Savings

Do you have to cash in your RRSP when you retire?

What is an RRIF and how does it work?

Answer to these and other questions about retirement saving by following the link below.

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Dec 3, 2006, Oops! What's Happening To The American Social Security Pot?

Two parts of my personality struggle.

On one hand, I am the group member who can spot every problem with any plan as soon as I hear of the plan. This does help to head off disaster, but it doesn't make me many friends.

On the other hand, I am skeptical of conspiracy theories and predictions of disaster, especially if the predictions are not built on specific hard facts.

So I've held off preaching doom and gloom about pension plans here. I've been assured by union representatives, for example, that my own pension plan should be fine for more than 20 years.

But after reading the article linked to below, I must say that I am inclined to consider the American Social Security system to be at serious risk.

If you took your prospectvie Social Security income out of the equation, what would be left?

What plans do you have to supplement your income?

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