Retirement Blog August 2006

Aug 31, 2006, Business Owners Need Pensions, Too

You are a business owner. Are you planning on retiring on the proceeds to selling your business? You don't have to rely only on that source of income. Start your own pension to save on taxes now and assure an income in retirement.

Just think of how much time you?ll have on your hands during your retirement to regret not having been more proactive. The less you put away for retirement now, the longer you?ll have to work to reach your goal. And wasn?t having that freedom to do what you want one of the reasons you became your own boss to begin with?

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Aug 30, 2006, Timeshare

A timeshare offers a purchaser or renter the option of owning a piece of the dream. Is this vacation style for you? What are the pros and cons of spending your money to share property?

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Aug 28, 2006, Do You Need Extra Retirement Income?

Whether you want to work for the money or just to keep your mental faculties sharp, if you are thinking of working during retirement, you are moving with the crowd.

Or maybe you are like me, ready for some extra money before retirement.

Either way, check out the opportunity through the link below. goldstar inspected4uIt is an inspected4u gold star item.

This is THE Web creating/hosting/e-business company! Better yet, they are currently having sale!

During the sale, if you buy one site for US$299, you get a second site for US$100.

I do NOT recommend that you start off with two sites. But if you and a spouse want to work on one site each, that's a great idea.

So is giving a site as a gift to a child, grandchild, or friend.

The second site does not have to be activated for nine months, so it could be a great Christmas gift.

At least treat yourself to the seeds the link below will put into your mind.

I did, and this Web site is one result!

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Aug 27, 2006, Are you saving or investing?

With most people in debt, you are proud of your savings. But what about investing?

Is your money doing all it can for you?

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Aug 24, 2006, ChooseIt!

ChooseIt makes small or large decisions clear. This free software helps you sort through the factors that matter to you and then presents you with a graph showing which option is best for you.

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Aug 24, 2006, inspected4u

inspected4u guarantees quality for products offered on the Internet. If a product has the inspected4u seal of approval, you can rest assured it's passed scrutiny.

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Aug 23, 2006, Working During Retirement

Working during retirement has become commonplace. Why would someone retire and then plunge back into the workforce? Will you?

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Aug 22, 2006, Rollaboard

A rollaboard meets so many travel needs! Learn why it's perfect for retired travelers.

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Aug 21, 2006, Retire Overseas

Do you plan to retire overseas? Living abroad appeals to an increasing number of baby boomers. Where are they going? What does one consider when planning to retire abroad?

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Aug 20, 2006, Retirement Planning For Women

Retirement planning for women needs to be different from retirement planning for men. Learn the good news and the bad news.

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Aug 20, 2006, Early Retirement

Considering early retirement? Your own idea, or someone else's? Are you ready for the change? What will you do?

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Aug 19, 2006, US Pension Changes -- Are Defined Benefits a Benefit?

``This legislation represents the symbolic end of the corporate defined-benefit era," said Robert C. Pozen, chairman of MFS Investment Management of Boston, who often advises federal officials on savings policy.

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Aug 16, 2006, The World Wide Web Is 15 Years Old -- Happy Birthday WWW!

Whatever you think about birthdays, this is one to take note of.

If you are reading this, chances are that the Internet is a daily part of your life. How much society has changed in the past 15 years!

Retirees have an excellent opportunity with the Internet. Across society there is a surge of people wanting to work from home. The World Wide Web allows anyone who knows something to turn that knowledge into cash without ever leaving home. . .

. . .or alternatively, while cruising around the world, or fishing at the lake, or visiting the grandkids. No matter where you are, your Web business could be earning you money.

Aug 16, 2006, Women Do Not Perpare Adequately For Retirement

Ian Martin, head of pensions and retirement income at HSBC Life, said: "While there has been some improvement in the level of understanding around pensions, the number of women delaying contributions or not contributing to a pension at all is worrying."

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Aug 14, 2006, Why Retiree Medical Costs Are Rising

Retired teachers in British Columbia lost their medical coverage recently. The costs were too high.

Pension News (Summer 2006) gave a list of reasons why.

  • There are more members, so all costs, including health costs, are rising.
  • Claims for prescription reimbursements are on the rise.
  • New drugs cost more than drugs that have been around longer.
  • We are living longer. Since our medical needs increase with old age, our long lives put stress on the health coverage system.
  • More people are treated at home instead of in the hospital. Hospital drugs are free. Those taken at home are not.
  • Chronic diseases (diabetes, obesity, etc.) are on the rise.
  • There is an increase in dental claims.
If you belong to a pension plan that provides medical services, check to be sure that the coverage you had previously is still in effect.

If you do not have coverage through your plan, you owe it to yourself to search out the best possible coverage.

If you have found a good plan, please use the contact form here to let us know.

Aug 12, 2006, Seniors and Carry-On Restrictions

Airlines tell you to keep all fluids and gels out of your carry-on luggage. Seniors, of course, use more medications than younger people. You can do without your shampoo or your toothpaste. You probably don't even use hair gel. But your medications are critical.

Before you head to the airport, check with your airline and the airport you leave from to learn what you can take and how it must be packed.

Rules change quickly so you will not want to rely on yesterday's news for something this important.