The Best Place To Retire

What I know for sure is that my idea of best place to retire is probably not the same as yours.

And I'm glad about that. . .

. . .because part of what makes my home so special is the fact that it's been a well kept secret.

What do YOU want?

white pickets
  • Seclusion,
  • The bustle of a city,
  • Hot, sunny days,
  • A temperate climate,
  • Four distinct seasons with just the right amount of snow,
  • A home of your own with a picket fence,
  • An apartment in a complex with other seniors, or. . .

. . .maybe you just want to sail away on your own boat or live on a cruise ship year round.

Or you may opt to get your budget flights to Florida and stay there for good. You may want to head to a different place.

The best place to retire is the place where you will wake up happy day after day. It's the place that will meet your deepest needs.

Man in a windowDo you want to be near your family, or would you rather maintain some distance?

Do you want to garden every day, or work in a barrio?

Or both?

When I started this Web site about retirement, the research results surprised me. I expected people who were retiring to be asking money questions, and some were. But by far the most questions asked on the Internet were about where to retire.

So what do you think? What is the best place to retire? Fill in the form below and share your ideas with all those people searching for the ideal spot.Chicago

Tell us where you think it's best to retire. Give us the details. Any little tips about living in your favorite place in the world. You can ask to publish your name or not.

I cannot accept photos through this form, but I would love any digital pictures you can share. If you have a photo, I will contact you about how to send it.

I am asking for your e-mail address in case I need to clarify anything you say. I will not use it myself for any other purpose and I will not pass it on.

What's that you say? You want to know where I will retire? O.K. I guess it's only fair. I want to retire in Gibsons, BC.

10 best places to retire

Deciding where to retire? Here's some help.
What if you want to retire overseas?
Long distance grandparenting tips for those who need them.
Ron and Carla have retired to their garden.
Bethan says it's best to retire where your network is.
Jose and Jill retired to their RV -- fulltime!
Could you retire to a college town?
Jeanne and Ron chose to retire offgrid.
Imagine life as you retire on a houseboat.

What to consider when the time comes for home care.

Consider continuing care retirement communites.

Retire in Canada

Why not retire in British Columbia?

Retire in Great Britain

Lesley says to retire to Sidmouth.

Retire in Europe

Retire in the United States of America

Kathy Molden says Lewistown, Montana is the best place to retire.
Jose and Marie plan to retire in Arizona.
JP and Duane retired in Sierra Vista.
Jeanne and Ron chose to retire offgrid
Jerry Westfall welcomes people who want to retire in Pooler, Georgia.
Ed Majors retires in "Alabama the Beautiful."
Sue loves her decision to retire on a boutique cruise ship in Miami.
Retire in Ashland, Oregon. It's a cultural thing to do.
Rick Rodreguez suggests you visit first, then decide to retire in Sedona, Arizona.
Ted moved from Baltimore to Conway, South Carolina
John Dilbeck won't have to move when he decides to retire in Murphy, North Carolina.

Retire in Mexico

Why I won't retire to Cabo San Lucas.
And why Linda Samuels will retire to Cabos San Lucas

Retire in the Caribbean

Lynn invites you visit and then retire in Dominican Republic

Retire in Central America

Helen gives practical reasons to retire in Panama.
Heather chose to retire in Panama -- and her husband is waiting to take you fishing.
Karl doesn't want to retire to Cartegena, Columbia.

Retire in South America

Larry and Linda will retire in Cuenca, Ecuador.

Retire in South East Asia

Ray built a house to retire in Borneo, Malaysia.
Compare the cost to retire in Penang, Malaysia with the cost to retire in Boston
Find out why Fred thinks people choose to retire in Chaign-Mai, Thailand.

Retire in Africa

Give back when you retire in Senegal

The Best Place To Retire

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