Baby Boomer Women
Better And Worse

Baby Boomer Women Doing Better

fortune signOne third of baby boomer women will do better in retirement than their mothers and grandmothers did.

Now that's something to celebrate!

As women of the liberation movement, we

  • have spent more years working than women did previously
  • have worked for higher incomes than women in previous generations did
  • expect to live significantly longer than women of the past did. We have longer and healthier retirements to look forward to.
Our lifetime income puts many of us ahead of our predecessors.

But this is not the whole picture. Two thirds of us are. . .

Baby Boomer Women Doing Worse

Freedom has not been an unmitigated blessing.
  • The increased number of divorces has left many of us alone. With only one income, who can afford the cost of home ownership?
  • We worked, but we relied on husbands to earn the big bucks. Women traditionally earn much less than men. Our jobs pay less, and it's still more difficult for a woman to be promoted.
  • Women take years out of the work force to bear and raise children. Those years of unpaid labor usually mean years of no pension contributions.
  • We expect to live significantly longer than women in the past did. A longer life means that scarce resources must stretch further.

Baby Boomer Women Take Charge

Women in general are resourceful. No matter what obstacles get in the way, we find solutions that work for us.

The video below shows what one baby boomer woman is doing about her situation. Many like her have found a way to supplement inadequate pensions. Even those with money find a new lease on life through creative self-expression.