Affiliate Marketing

affiiate marketing salesAffiliate marketing is tailor-made for many retirees. Are you one of them?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a form of Internet marketing where Business A with goods or services to sell pays Business B (or a single person) a fee for sales that come about from the efforts of Business B. Most commonly the sale is the result of a link from one Web site to another, although clever affiliate marketers can use other methods as well.

Typically, the fees are managed by third party businesses.

Skills Needed For Success

  • Ability to write coherently (Or the ability to hire someone who can)
  • Ability to follow written directions
  • Ability to compare numbers
  • Ability to conduct market research (The software tools I use would be understandable to most high school students.)

Equipment Highly Recommended...
...But Not Strictly Needed

See below for alternatives.
  • Computer
  • Internet connection
  • Some successful marketers use an Internet Cafe.

    It is possible to make all your affiliate sales offline. This is not how affiliate marketing is usually done, and to be successful, you would have to be an excellent sales person or a brilliant marketer.

    Start-up Cost

    To be truly successful, you would need a Web site. Costs can vary from free to very expensive.

    Free sites seldom bring in any affiliate income because no one can find such a site unless the Web master pays for advertising. The cost of advertising can take a large percentage of profits or even cost more than the profits. So it's my judgment that using a free site is false economy.

    I built this site and two others using a fabulous suite of tools.

    How To Become An Affiliate Marketer

    Affiliate Masters  CourseSetting up an affiliate business is quite easy.

    Choose a topic that interests you.

    You will be spending a lot of time on this topic, so you should like it. Many people choose hobbies or former career topics.

    Research the online demand for your topic.

    This is where a great set of tools is invaluable. I am a word person, not a number person. I was able to use Brainstorm It!, the most effective software for this type of sorting activity. Brainstorm It! is part of Solo Build It!

    Choose products you believe in and sign up for an affiliate account for each.

    A good affiliate program should be free to join.

    You should believe in the products. Although you do not have to deal directly with returns or unhappy clients, your reputation is on the line when you suggest someone else spend money on something.

    A good affiliate program should offer you some support in your selling efforts. Sometimes this will include graphics you can use; sometimes this will include notification of special sales. Excellent programs include other supports as well.

    My Own Affiliate Program

    I've been engaged in affiliate marketing for about five years. It is not my main source of income, but it does add nicely to the mix. I like the fact that after the initial research, the income is mostly passive. I do stay on top of the products I promote, but for the most part, I can relax and take my cheques to the bank -- or simply draw on the account they are automatically put into.

    Affiliate Masters  CourseI recently joined the other side of affiliation by writing my own ebook and having affiliates sell it for me for 50% commission. You can see my own affiliate sales page here.

    For a fuller explanation of affiliate marketing, download the free Affiliate Masters Course.

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